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Lighting Control

Quality lighting has often been overlooked and even taken for granted. Historically lighting was just about ‘having a light’. Of course, there was the occasional design effort to pick the right fixture for a room, but the true importance of lighting to our daily lives has been ignored for the most part. Lighting Control is having the ability to set and regulate the quality and level of light in a given space. Lighting control can enhance a mood, draw attention to a focal point in the décor, add design color enhancements and so much more. Gone are the days of just having a dimmer switch, now the light level can be calibrated to the time of day and the activity of the room.

A well-designed lighting system will have consideration to the color of the light and its impact on the space aesthetics. It is about the occupants of the space and achieving the best in comfort level and functionality. The system should include the regulation of lighting, but also the harvesting of daylight through the use of motorized shades and blinds. The result is room comfort and energy efficiency.

Let us not forget the convenience. Imagine the perfectly lit theater room where lighting is set to the mood automatically, shades are closed, projectors or screens come into place and volume levels are set all by simply starting the movie. Or the perfect dining experience with both directed and even color enhanced lighting. Lighting control can fit to every room or your home.


Your lighting control system can be designed around three basic levels of control. These levels may be chosen based on your desire for only specific lighting or to fit a project budget.

Simple Wireless Control – Perhaps the most basic, but this type of system is composed of individual components such as a wall plug receiver, smart light bulbs and specific designed products like motion lights. Each device is a stand-alone part of the system and the control factor is the in-house WIFI system and the internet for remote access.  In most cases with this type of system the devices are either set individually with a program to follow or accessed via a wireless controller and operated manually by device.

Standalone System – A standalone system could be either a wired or wireless system, but generally is directed around a controller that operates the lighting in a singular area or function. This could be a system that is only for the media room, an entertainment area or even a system only for the outdoor lighting. This type of system offers some wireless remote access as well, but primarily centered around a controller for that room or function.

Lighting Automation System – Your home or project may require a more integrated system which bundles the lighting control with the whole-home automation. In this state-of-the-art type of system, lighting can still be controlled by individual area and function but the control of that lighting is spread to more control points in the home. Lighting features can set into scenes and work in association with automation of other functions as well. Selecting a scene could do things like not only set the light level, but close automated shades, set music volumes, activate exterior lighting and even set the security system. With a complete automation lighting system, the controlling of other parts of the home is limited only by your imagination.

Programmed features such as ‘all off’ can add efficiency in place of those forgotten closet lights that remain illuminated for days or maybe even weeks. Programming lighting to your alarm system will use your lighting as both a deterrent and a notification by flashing all the lights in the house on an alarm. And with whole-house lighting control, turning off that downstairs kitchen light after you have already gone to bed is as easy as using the remotes or even your smart phone.


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Regardless of your lighting control needs, Automated Lifestyles will design a system for the size of your project and to fit your budget. And all the work is on us! We will assist you in designing the system, working with other contractors during installation, installing the trim devices and controllers, program the system for your desires and then provide full instruction on the simple use and operation of the system.

From that perfect mood lighting of your theater room to the beauty of enhancing your exterior property with outdoor lighting, we are your singular source for all your lighting control needs.

A reading room with a chandelier and other lighting fixtures is controlled via an in-wall panel in the next room.