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Home Theater Design and Install

Home Theater Experience

Experience the thrill of enjoying your own elegantly appointed home theater. The expectancy of simply entering the room with a knowing of being entertained while reclining or relaxing in your own home environment. What will your home cinema entertainment choice be; heart pounding excitement, out-loud laugher, hide-your-eyes horror, intriguing mystery or maybe a tearful drama? The wonderful part is  you are in control – control of the entertainment, the lighting, the temperature and yes even your own favorite blanket or pillow. Can there be a better entertainment experience and one that you can even share with family or friends? This is true recreation.

We at Automated Lifestyles Hawaii can design a variety of theater packages to fit almost any budget. Through the use of state-of-the-art theater equipment and furnishings any entertainment enthusiast can experience having your own cutting-edge theater system.

A high-end grey home theater features lighting bars on the walls and ceiling, dedicated couches, and a projector with a screen.
Automated Lifestyles Hawaii Project - Home Theater 2

Your Dream Home Cinema

Whether your desired home theater will be one of elegance or something that needs to fit a close budget, Automated Lifestyles has the solution. We have partnerships with a variety of equipment manufactures giving the freedom and flexibility of price control, quality of experience and ultimate integration. The home theater market with the influx of new designs and concept equipment is experiencing completive pricing situations which can dramatically reduce the overall cost of your custom home theater packages. We will design your system from an equipment only approach where you and your designer furnish and create the décor; or you may choose to have us configure a floor-to-ceiling package including not only the electronics, but furnishings and acoustic treatments as well.

We focus on the details. Take for example the screen size. We all know the frustration of trying to see a tiny screen when attempting to enjoy the content. Today between LED panel screens, projector screens and LED displays; viewing surfaces can go from a tiny 32” format to the size of a billboard.  The initial thought may be ‘bigger is better’ but this too can be problematic for viewers if the screen is too large for the viewing room and the seating arraignment. Our design team will take all these components into consideration along with room acoustics, ceiling configuration, exterior and interior lighting and more. Our goal is for your ultimate home cinema experience.

Ease of Operation

Through the availability of automaton control equipment and our expert programming knowledge, Automated Lifestyles Hawaii will make the operation of your home theater a breeze. Both handheld and wall mount controllers put the operation of your entire system into the palm of your hand with any level of control you may desire. Want to be in control of everything independently? You pick the lighting, adjust the sound, choose when to close the shades; every component is at your demand.  Or, how about the ’one touch does it all’ idea? By selecting a single touch, lighting dims, shades close, projectors or screens move into place, audio is activated and set and entertainment begins. What a great experience!

It does not matter what type of Hawaii home your theater will occupy.

  • Your home may be a full-time residence and you get to enjoy your home theater on a daily or weekly basis. The operation of that cinema should be graceful and easy to operate for your entire family.
  • Perhaps your home is a vacation location that you get to enjoy on occasion. We can eliminate the frustration of your having to ‘relearn’ how to operate things every time you go to relax. Making your vacation time truly one of pleasure and enjoyment.
  • Your home may be a vacation home that is also a rental. Be comfortable in knowing that Automated Lifestyles can create a theater environment that any guest can easily operate, while creating a protective environment for all your equipment so that it not only functions for all the guest without concern but is always ready for your arrival as well.
Automated Lifestyles Hawaii - Solution - Home Theater Remote
Automated Lifestyles Hawaii Project - Outdoor Theater

Outdoor Entertainment

Our islands are about the beauty of the environment and the wonderful climate and we at Automated Lifestyles are aware of making the most of our home land. Why should your home cinema experience be locked inside a room when it exists in this beautiful environment? We are also your outdoor living space specialist. We can design your theater experience to your outdoor living space still providing a full and comfortable entertainment experience for you, your family and guests.

Environmentally protected viewing screens and speakers with directional sound control and lighting are just a few of the solutions we provide. Enhance the experience with exterior lighting control and you can move your dream experience into the dream environment.

Regardless or your budget, your space or your design ideas we at Automated Lifestyles Hawaii are her for your full experience from design, installation, programming and training to service if needed. Contact us today!