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In today’s world of technology Home Automation has become the standard for convenient living. Initially know as Smart Home Technology, the use of a centralized control of your home features and devices began back in 1975. In the over 40 years since, smart home technology has developed to almost every room and utility in our homes. The dependable and high-quality devices offer not only convenience, but an unbelievable ease of operation. Home Automation systems are custom programmed to your lifestyle and your schedule. We at Automated Lifestyles Hawaii offering the best and latest technology to easily control everything in your home.

We do this with the installation of a central control system which serves as ‘the brain’ for your smart home. This device speaks to each automated system in the home and thereby allows the option of these systems being controlled by schedule and/or by manual choice from your smart phone, tablet or computer. And this control can be as easy as setting your room lighting from your iPhone® while sitting on your couch, to confirming or adjusting your house thermostats while on vacation in another country.

Want it easier still? With ever-improving advancements in technology, voice control is the next step in the way we interact with our home and environment. Sound systems have evolved to the level of having assistant capabilities which in turn has brought about the home automation evolution. The ability to control our environment with voice control has opened a seamless new way of living and controlling our home environment.


The list of reasons supporting your investment into home automation is growing daily. A few of the basics involve convenience as previously mentioned, economy and awareness.

Convenience – An all-inclusive home automation system can make your smart home more inviting and comfortable. Thermostat control so that just the right temperature is present when you arrive home, get up in the morning or need a quick adjustment for an entertainment event in your home. Or disarm the security system and even unlock the door for family, a guest or even a service person to access and work on your house. Have your favorite music playing throughout the house when the family gets home and control interior or landscape lighting for the perfect mood, time of day or event.

Connect your automation system to your home theater or media room equipment and by simply turning your system on, have window shades close, lights set to the theme, sound equipment at the optimum settings, projectors or screens open for viewing, exterior security arms and doors lock. Or just about anything else you can imagine.  …. And you used to think it was difficult.

Economics – The economic benefit of a smart home could be discussed for hours, but consider the basics. First, why pay for utilities to maintain devices that are not needed when the home is not occupied? Whether it be just in the work day and while kids or at school, or while you are away on vacation. Raising thermostat temps while the house is empty, but resetting before the family arrives home is a saving in itself. Water heaters set to standby, ‘all lights off’ features and similar setting for utility savings.  But let us not forget the damage of sunlight on furniture, flooring and even walls. Automated closing of drapes and blinds based on the sun’s position and time of day can preserve your furnishing and fixtures.  

And if your Hawaii home is a second vacation home, you can be in control of all of its features and surveillance from wherever you may live.

Awareness – Perhaps you have heard the statement ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you’? We beg to differ. What you don’t know can cause untold damage and even devastation to your most likely single largest investment, your home or property. System sensors can monitor refrigeration temperatures getting too high, water leaks from HVAC and water heaters as well as power outages at your location while you are away.  All transmitted to your mobile devise or in home monitoring panel.

Not to mention notice security such as remote notification of break-in attempts, or when the children get home, or when there is motion in the cameras in the yard and even monitoring packages delivered on your front porch from ‘porch pirates’. Your smart home can keep you aware without your having to constantly be checking in.



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At Automated Lifestyles Hawaii we start with a review of what you may want to accomplish then our designers will expand to opportunities that you may have for your selection. From the design our highly skilled technicians begin the installation process with a dedicated attention to detail. We partner with the most respected names in home automation equipment like Control4, Savant, Lutron and Sonos to name a few.

As a final step in the installation, we will program all the features of your system, test its functions and provide you with the complete but simple steps of operation. And should the need arrive for service, we are always here to support you and your system.

You can trust your home automation needs to the team at Automated Lifestyles Hawaii as your complete systems provider.

A woman looks down at a tablet with CCTV camera views of the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom.